Module 04: How to Sell Monastic Products Authentically (M4-EN)

Sabrina Rota, Matthias Wagner, Karin Drda-Kühn


How to Sell Monastic Products Authentically 

SKIVRE Training Module 4

In this module, you will learn the different motives and expectations of customers and sales staff that go along with buying and selling monastic products.

The meaning of the term “authenticity” will be explained, as well as its importance for the sale of monastic products. The significance of authenticity and the related historical importance behind the monastic product will be described in the following. The module will present the necessity of a monastery shop when it comes to creating an authentic sales atmosphere for monastic products and enabling the customers to have an emotional shopping experience.

In the final part of the module, we will reflect the fact that the authentic selling of monastic products is directly related to the sales staff and is of essential importance.

For better understanding, please read Module 3 before you start with Module 4. These two modules build-up on each other and should be worked through in this order.

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In the previous modules you have learned what a typical monastic product is, what is important when developing one as well as the criteria that must be met. In Module 2 “Marketing Strategies” we described marketing as a helpful instrument for merchandising and selling monastic products. Now we will discuss the different motives and expectations that may arise when buying or selling monastic products. The monastery, as the selling part, will pursue different goals than the visitors and customers. With the help of the target groups defined in Module 3 “Monastic Products”, the customer needs will be assessed, which will lead you to a better understanding and perception.

“Authenticity" as the key to success. How is it used in sales and why is it so important? What is the necessity of storytelling when selling monastic products? How do you create an emotional sales experience? These and other questions related to the sale of monastic products will be illustrated and explained in the following chapter.

The monastery shop can create an authentic environment for the sale of the monastery product and generate an emotional shopping experience for visitors.  The qualifications of the personnel who are in direct contact with the customer must not be neglected, as authentic and good professional advice is the final touch to a positive buying experience.

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