Unit 3. The Monastery Shop

Let us have a look at your monastery shop and its typical range of products. Let’s discuss whether the monastery shop is a good sales opportunity for monastic products and what its unique selling point (USP) is. Let us ask what exactly is a monastery shop? Is it only a business part of your monastery with a commercial purpose or does it have other functions as well? Of course, the shop provides a platform for the sale of internally and externally produced products of the monastery, but maybe it can be used for additional purposes as well. Strictly speaking, monastery shops are the best example of centuries-old sustainability, because which shop can look back on 700 years of history? In this chapter, you will learn about the history of monastery shops, their spirit, and ambition. We will answer the question ‘can a monastery shop be run like any other shop?’ You will gain knowledge of why they are special and what it means for their operation. The following learning unit will sensitise you to this.